13 Jun 2007

Nhetembo Dzemadzinza

Posted by K Chikuse

Shona praise poetry is referred to in Shona as nhetembo dzemadzinza, which means clan praise poetry. In the Shona traditional context, it was the medium for expressing genuine and heartfelt sentiments of appreciation, homage and gratitude for any commendable action done by someone to his relatives or even non-relatives. Generosity and concern for others are celebrated virtues at the core of the Shona philosophy of life.

However, generous deeds always required sincere appreciation and thanks. Such a belief is expressed in the Shona proverb, kusatenda uroyi. Clan praise poetry derived its praises from the attributes of an animal, object or organ of an animal that is taken as totem by members of a particular clan as well as from the attributes of the clan’s ancestors. It is for this reason why totemism is the basis of praise poetry in Shona culture rather than the attributes of an individual as in Nguni royal praises (izibongo).

While in some Nguni cultures, praise poetry was more formalised and recited to chiefs and kings at public gatherings, in Shona culture its recitation was informal. Every member of the clan across age and sex deserved praise from the clan’s poetic praises upon rendering some good service. However, the praises of chiefs were done by close relatives and friends particularly, the chief’s nephew (dunzvi) or the chief’s funeral friend (sahwira)


The historical and socio-cultural context of Nhetembo
The belief in totemism and recitation of clan praise poetry is a tradition whose history dates back to the initial stages of Shona culture. Shona verbal artistry evolved in tandem with the culture that gave rise to it. With particular reference to Shona praise poetry, its rhythm echoes from the apex of Shona civilisation particularly in the socio-cultural history of the ruling dynasties associated with the Great Zimbabwe state (1250 – 1450), the Mutapa state (1450 – 1870s), the Torwa state (1450 – 1690s) and the Rozvi state (1690s – 1830s).
On the bottom, it reverberated in every homestead, village and chiefdom, making the entire Shona socio-cultural life a rhythm of laudatory remarks. Praise poetry was part and parcel of the belief in and celebration of totemism. In a typical traditional Shona life, praise poetry graced daily life. No day would pass without it being recited. It is not known exactly when totemism began in Shona society. What is clear is that it was adopted in the mythological times of Shona culture.

According to Shona oral traditions, the adoption of totemism is associated with the earliest known ancestor of the Shona people, Mambiri. He chose the Soko totem to guard against incestuous behaviour and also for the social identity of his followers. This took place in a mythical place called Guruuswa, which was located somewhere north of the Zambezi River in southern Tanganyika. As the early Shona grew in number and marriage became difficult (due to the fact that they practiced the custom of marrying only outside one’s clan) there was need to adopt a second totem. The Shava/Mhofu (Eland) totem was therefore adopted so as to enable intermarriage between members of the two totems to take place. In contemporary Shona society there are at least 25 identifiable mitupo (totems) with at least 60 principal names (zvidawo).


Types of clan praise poetry
There are mainly three kinds of Shona praise poetry namely, clan praises (madetembedzo edzinza), personal praises (madetembedzo ekurumbidza munhu) and boasts (madetembedzo ekuzvirumbidza). However, there are more sub-genres which include madetembedzo evasikana verudzi (praises of unmarried girls of the clan), madanha nemarevereve (praises for love-making), madetembedzo ekutenda vana, madetembedzo emamiriro erudzi (boasts uttered in the name of the clan to warn its detractors or enemies of the consequences they may if provoked), nhetembo dzehondo, nhetembo dzemhuka yemutupo, nhetembo dzekunyaradza mwana and nhetembo dzevari pasi (praises in honour of the clan’s spirits) However, here we will only refer to the main genre of Shona praise poetry, that is, clan praises.


Important features of clan praise poetry
(a) The Clan – It is the core of every Shona chiefdom. It is a group of agnatically related kinsmen (that is, pertaining to descent by the male line of ancestors) and women who trace their descent from a common founding ancestor. The founding ancestor is called sikarudzi. In most clan praises the name of the sikarudzi is constantly made reference to. For example, in the praises of the people of the Soko totem, the names Tovela/Tobela and Mbire are mentioned. The first was a name for the second known earliest ancestor of the Shona people and the second is a name for the early Shona people that is derived from Mambiri, the earliest known ancestor of the same people.

(b) The Totem – Every Shona clan is identified by a particular mutupo (totem) and chidawo (principal praise name). The totem of each clan was adopted by the founder of the clan and is therefore supposed to be inherited by all his descendants, male and female alike. The principal praise name is used in addition to the totem if there is need to distinguish people who have the same totem but belong to different clans. For instance, there are many Shona clans whose totem is Shava and these clans are differentiated by citing the totem together with the praise name. For instance, Shava – Museyamwa, Soko – Murehwa, Shumba – Nyamuziwa and so on.

(c) The Chief – He is referred to as ishe or mambo and he is a living senior member of the clan. He is the guardian of the clan’s traditions and customs. The founding fathers and other ancestors of the clan communicated with him and other living descendants through spirit possession, dreams, events such as natural catastrophes, voices from shrines and other oracular messages.


The reference of clan praise poetry
First and foremost the praises of the clan are phrases in terms of the totem. For instance, the praises of the clans whose totems are Soko, Tembo (Zebra) and Nzou are characterised by imagery that is directly implied by these animals. Thus we have such praises as ‘soko makwiramiti’, ‘mbizi njuma yerenje’ (zebra, the hornless beast) and ‘nzou samanyanga’. However, the praises of other clans whose totems are not animals but organs of human beings or animals, such as Moyo and Tsiwo (male genitalia) are differently inspired. The imagery of the Moyo totem is derived from the heart while that of the Tsiwo is allusive of the male genitalia and its domain as well as its field of operation, the female genitalia.
Secondly, clan praises are based on ancestral references; names of forefathers of the clan, their sisters including the names of placed they once lived in and were buried. Such places record milestones in the history of the clan and remain culturally and historically symbolic to the clan. In short they were part of the clan’s non-tangible heritage. Reference to ancestors when thanking someone meant that actually it was his/her lineage that was thanked. The person only represented the clan in extending its good deeds.


Chigwedere, A., From Mutapa to Rhodes, 1000 – 1980 A.D., London: Macmillan, 1980.
Hodza, A.C., Mitupo neZvidawo Zvemadzinza, Harare: Longman, 1982.
Hodza, A.C and Fortune, G., Shona Praise Poetry, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1979

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  1. Ndinofara shumba mutasa ndoda kuziwa kt inodetembwa Sei uye vakadzi vanodaidzwa kunzi anani



  2. mungandiudzewo here kuti nhetembo yaana Saunyama. mheta, chikata inoenda ichiti kudii.



  3. ndokumbirawo detembo ‘shumba nechinanga /nohoreka



  4. hie ifound this about the Maongera clan, from what i have they originated from Moza, Portugal there not sure.

    In the late 17th Century when the Portuguese colonial army based on the fringes of the Munhumutapa Empire of BuKalanga/VuKaranga assisted Mavura Mhande to wrest the throne from Mutapa Kapararidze, the Portuguese took the opportunity to redress previous grievances against the Mutapa. They put an ultimate with over twenty items that they demanded to be resolved to their satisfaction.
    One of the demands was exemption from the court protocol that forced visitors to approach and greet mambo, whose recorded title by the Potuguese was NGOSSE, while crawling on their bellies. We called it and still call it KUOMBERA MAMBO. The Portuguese had been forced to follow this protocol but hated it. After gaining power through Mavura, who had taken the “civilized” name of Dom Filipe, the Portuguese used their power to refuse kuombera.
    The descendants of these Portuguese and local women took the totem of Maongera. Among the ancestral praise names of the Maongera people is one that points to one of the demands made by the Portuguese. The Maongera are also saluted as MARAMBAKUOMBERA, a name that simply states that they are the people who refused to comply with the kuombera protocol at Mutapa’s court.
    This piece of Zimbabwean history occurred in 1629 AD.
    Now go back to the reign of Nkosi Snefru, his Hellenized, and we witness an interesting protocol at his court. German Egyptologist, Adolf Erman in his book called Ancient Egyptian Poetry and Prose, describes the scene at the court: “Then said the majesty to the chancellor who was at his side, ‘Go and bring to me the officers of the Residence who have gone forth hence today in order TO OFFER GREETINGS.’ THEY WERE LED IN UNTO HIM FORTHWITH AND LAY ON THEIR BELLIES IN THE PRESENCE OF HIS MAJESTY A SECOND TIME.”
    To OFFER GREETINGS is the same as KUOMBERA.
    This was between 2613 BC and 2589 BC when Snefru reigned. The KUOMBERA protocol at Snefru court was recorded being practiced at Mutapa’s court 4242 years later, in 1629 AD. Who are the people who recorded this? They were not your usual Afrocentrists who have been besmirched as grabbers and straw clutchers by Eurocentrists and their Arabs allies.



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    Maita Shumba Mhazi
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    VaChamakanda Mhazihuru
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  59. Ini ndinonzi Eliphas Nathan Munjanga, mwana wa Timothy Munjanga, akazvarwa naMunjanga, akazvarwa na Makumbe, akazvarwa naMuroore, akazvarwa NaNeshangwe, musena muzukuru waguvheya Muputukezi.

    Neshangwe akauya nemaputukezi, ndokugara mumba maGambiza muRozvi. akapiwa mukadzi. Ndiko saka madzimai edu achiuchirwa achinzi gambiza, nekuti mai vekutanga vaiva mwana waGambiza murozvi.

    Nashangwe ndiye Sinyoro mukuru. Hakuna vanaSinyoro matypes akasiyana. This is the reason why Moyo Sinyoro cannot inter marry. We are children of one father, Nashangwe.

    This history was narrated to me by my father, Timothy “Mapfunde” Munjanga Makumbe.


    Nathan Makumbe


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  66. Nkalas are a clan belonging to the amaHlubi Kingdom.The amaHlubi people were one of the first people to migrate from the Central Africa (Congo region) south via Mozambique.A subgroup of the amaHlubi settled in what is now known as Swaziland. They then later on come to be known as amaSwazi after King Mswati 1 coopted all the clans including Nkalas under one to form the Kingdom of amaSwazi.The rest of the amaHlubi continued south and finally settled in what is now KwaZulu/Natal. The amaHlubi were at the time the largest, occupied largest land and were the most feared. They were the oldest Kingdom, much older than the amaZulu and AmaXhosa. They had excellent knowledge of medicine and were rain deviners.They were also a race of brave warriors as the eziYendane was the most feared regiment. They were much feared by the Ndwendwes and Mtetwas Kigdoms. When Dingiswayo of the Mtetwa run away from his father he was provided refuge by amaHlubi till his father’s death when he returned to takeover the Mtetwa kingdom. Digiswayo inturn provided refuge to Shaka when he was fleeing his father.Both man never forgot the amaHlubi theirfore were never affected by the uMfecane wars.They lived side by side with Zulus and occasionally the iziYendane help Shaka fight the Ndwendwes. Many amaHlubi still leave in kwaZulu/ Natal and simplistically refer to themselves as Zulus and those close to the Cape now refer to themselves as Xhosas. Over the years a lot of them including some Nkala clans have continue to migrate northwards. The ones settled in kwaZulu/Natal & Swaziland are still Nkalas or Maphosa. Those settled amongst Xhosas are Remaphosas. Some went as far as Zimbabwe were they become Son-in-laws to the Munumutapa Kingdom in Masvingo. They now go by Mambo, Maposa, Zimhuto, Chikandamuseve & Ngara. Some settled in Gwanda area and are Nkala or Maphosa. Others settled in Botswana/ Plumtree area and go by Nuku/Noko.The question is What is a Nkala? Nkala refer to a pocupine, iNugu,Nuku, Noko. A pocupine throws it’s spikes,( chikandamuseve or Maphosi insiba). or Mambo in masvingo because they’re Vakwasha vaMambo. So all Nkalas, Ngaras Maphosas, Nukus, Nokos’ Zimhutos, Hlatswayos etc to comment, correct and add to this research so that our history is known and passed-on to our children. Mind you Nkalas go by many different surnames but are all one clan. The different names, the differencies are due the fact that Nkalas migrated northwards and assimilated into other cultures and clans. are, Nkala, Maphosa, Maposa,



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  81. In the Ndebele language they is no word called “Moyo” as we know Moyo means Heart and so in Ndebele they say (I)nhliziyo …. Ana Moyo vanotaura Ndebele ndovaka itwa colonise during the mfecane wars pakazo uya ana Mzilikazi and Lobhengula … During that time their chief was Changamire Dombo the one who then dominated the Rozvi Estate in the Matebeleland Region … if you know of places like the Khami Ruins, Njelele etc … all those Moyo’s who speak Ndebele have a relationship na Moyo wechiShona …. I hope I have manged to assist you in response to your question …


    Tendai Chinodakufa-Makamache

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    Tendai Chinodakufa-Makamache

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    Tendai Chinodakufa-Makamache

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  95. can anyone help me with mutupo wana shiri hungwe pliz u can even email it to me thanks my emai is whosyodad.gmail.com


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  96. can anyone help me with mutupo wana shiri hungwe pliz u can even email it to me thanks


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    farai saungweme

  98. Ini ndinoera Shumba Samaita,vakomana vanonzi ana Simboti isu vakadzi tinonzi ana Sukumai from Mutare kwaHonde pane anozivawo here kuti nhetembo yacho inodeketerwa sei??



  99. pls could you tell me how to say my totem, im from the vaharava tribe, originally seke, my dad used to say if you are a girl you are called vachihera, and the man, i think is zuruvi. tinoyera mhofu yemukono,. pls if you can, need to know how this tribe was formed, and thanks realy for this information, you are doing a great jobx


    agnes machando

  100. ndiri kutsvaga kuti Shumba Nyamuzihwa inodetembewe sei?



  101. Ndinoda kuzivawo kuti mutupo unonzi Beta (Churu) unodetembwa sei?



  102. i would like to know nhetembo yenzou samanyanga



  103. kana neniwo ndinoda kuziva nezve shumba Bonga murori please!!!!!



  104. Ndinodawo kuziva kuti samaita tembo inodetembwa sei uye yakasiyana sei ne mazvimbakupa


    Francis Muchuweni

  105. Samaita Tembo inombotembwa sei?


    Francis Muchuweni

  106. ko Ngara inodetembwa sei? uye kuti takabvepi, sekuru vangu vanoti takabva Swaziland but others say Mozambique pagomo rinonzi Govere. pamkudetembwa kwemutupo wedu panepanonzi ‘masvingo agovere’ i need to know if Govere was a person or a place. maita henyu.



  107. Ndibatsireiwo nedetembo remutupo we dziva.


    Evans Chigwede

  108. Could someone assist me with Detembo reBeta. Your assistance is greatly appreciatedRegards


    Beans Leonard

  109. Tinofara nekuita kwakadai.Dai marega kuneta vehama.Could someone please help me with Detemdo ravanaSinyoro vaeramoyo?Ndingatenda zvikuru.


    Brian Rwodzi

  110. this is my first time coming across this site and thumbs up it is brilliant


    shupikai gwabuya

  111. Please guys can anyone out there with a full poem of the Moyo Dewa people . I would be very glad to pass it on to my sons . You can even email tappsmoyo@gmail.com


    Tapiwa Moyo

  112. Makadiniwo ndinotsvakawo rubatsiro. Pane anozivawo here detembo re Moyo Sinyoro, mundinyorerewo pasi wese. Ndatenda hangu



  113. Mutupo i Moyo. Gonyohori matake. I am also seeking the full detembo



  114. Ndibatsireyiwo ne detembo re Moyo yevaduma. I know a few lines but I dont remember it all……… Maita Gono remombe mushaya chirashwa mukaka tinodya mafuta tinozora nyanga ihwamanda dehwe tinowaridza………..Can someone tell me about the Mugabe chieftainship in the Great Zimbabwe area ?



  115. Ko vana Sinyoro (Moyo) Vanodetembwa sei?



  116. ini ndirikuda kuziva nezve Shumba Murori,kana kuti ndiyo bonga here,kana kuti vagarwe hamheno



  117. Ndafara chaizvo neSite ino. Ndinotenda zvikuru uye rambai makadaro ne dzidziso yakanaka kudai.Ini ndinoda kuziva nheketero dzavana Vhuramavi Seke Mutema nedzana Nyamasvisva, Nhari Unendoro?


    Mai Kudzi

  118. Ndatenda hangu neblog iyi, ini ndoda kuziva kuti Shava Mwendamberi inodeketerwa sei? madzimai anonzi maita achivero? Ndakawanikwa ikoko asi ndoda kudzidzisa vana vangu. Zve ini ndiri muera Shumba, kwanzi yekwaCharumbira…unodeketera uchiti kudii?Maita henyu


    Mai Fari

  119. panewo here mhunhu angaite ruzivo rwekuti, hungwe ( fish eagle) nehungwe (guine fowel) ZVAKAFANANA HERE?



  120. Vanhuwe ndibatsireiwo. Kugara kwese ndaiti vana unendoro inzou asi ndakazoudzwa kuti tinoera nhuka. ndinenge ndati rasikei nekuti ndakaudzwa kuti zvandaiti ndinoziva hazvisi. Ndiri kukumbirawo nhoroondo ya Bire na Ganyire.Ndibatsireiwo hama dzangu.



  121. ndodawo nhetembo yevaera bonga chihwa, pliz pliz pliz!!!!



  122. nhetembo yavaera dziva vemvuu vechi ndau inonzi kudii


    denni makuza

  123. Pliz kuti shumba yamuzihwa inodetembwa sei.Ndirh muera shumba wekwachihota



  124. Ndibatsereiwo hama. Tembo mazvimbakupa, vaera mbizi inodekaterwa sei.



  125. Ndinokumbirawo kuziwa kuti nhetembo yeMoyo wevaDuma inoitwa sei?



  126. ndokumbirawo kuudzwa nhetembo ye SHUMBA NYAMUZIHWA pliz



  127. yaaa sure i am coz i nid to knw cn yu pliz tell me.



  128. murishava nhai veduweee ndoda kunyatsozivwo yangu.



  129. pliz pliz ndokumbirawo kuudzwa nhetembo mhofu shava iri yekwavhuramavi kana pane anonyatsoiziva ndokumbirawo coz tete vangu vainyatsoiziva vakafa.



  130. I have been told that the Shumba Sigauke are in fact Dube/Tembo being descended from a Shumba Nyamuzihwa woman who committed incest with her Dube/Tembo maternal uncle and were banished from Buja. This is why some of the Sigaukes are of the Dube totem while some are Shumba.


    Masimba Musodza

  131. Hie nyaradzo did you ever get the answer to this??



  132. hi.ndokumbirawo an outline about vanoyera mutupo unonzi Maongera. where do they originate from? and wat is maongera?



  133. Wow



  134. Maita Sinyoro,

    Zvaitwa Muroro,

    Vagari vamachira,

    VaZungu vamachira machena,

    Vakauya nomumvura

    Kuzoshambadza ndoro nendarira.

    Kuziva zvenyu vashambadzi,

    Maita zvenyu vezviuya zvinenge mukaka,

    Unodyiwa navasina meno.

    Tatenda vadyi vamazai,

    Vamupfurura magidi,

    Nguo takasuka kare,

    Vanei vakauya vakatakura umambo,

    Vanodya maroro vakatambarara,

    Vadyi vendatsva namashongadede,


    Vachitsva chiri murutsoka,


    Vagere zvinjanja,

    Vene vepasi,

    Vanofamba vari padara.

    Vazukuru veshiri.


    Vane hama dzakaperera Chirozva.

    Mazviita VaSena, maita Moyo,

    Mutupo mukuru waierwa Dzimbahwe,

    Nyama inyoro mutupo usina mupatsa,

    VaChumachitete, chikobvu chinobanduka,

    Aiwa zvaitwa munjanja wakaroka.



  135. Pamusoroi vane ruzivo. Ini ndiri kutsvaga detembo ravana Sinyoro – vana Muroro. Ndatenda hangu nekamukana aka.


    Chigutiro Chikavangwena

  136. ndinoda kubatsirwawo nezvenhorowondo yemutupo weshumba mhazi (chirimuhanzu).napota hangu kanakune uyo anoziva anything about it respond even pa Email yangu l will be very happy .l need information please.



  137. ndidetembereyi mutupu wangu we saungweme,dhliwayo



  138. Pamusoroi vanhu wee.Makadiniko.Veduwe am confused vana soko murehwa nana soko mukanya vanhu vanwe here?Uye kudetemba kwavo kumwechete here? Uye dakuziva kuti vana Gushungo a.k.a gushaz vanoera chii uye vano detembwa kunzii?Am going to get married to a gushaz soon so please guys help me am not a shona am a Tswana.Thank you so much



  139. Maita maita shava, mhofu yemukono vasina mhezi Vanemhezi dzekuroyiwa Varichikapa kapa vari gorioto Vachirera nherera Maita, shava yangu yi-yiat least that’s how I remember my grand mother saying it but then i was very young, what i wrote I truly remember, i may be missing some things though. Chikapa kapa is a spring in the mountains anonzi Gorioto in the Mhondoro area.


    Amu Shava

  140. Shava Musimuva, if you still interested let me know and I will explain it to you.


    Amu Shava

  141. Chibwa, WeMhazi, Shumba yekwa Chirumhanzu, mukaktira kwasviba Mhondoro, vene vamasango, Mhondi bondera wapotera pasina gwenzi, inoponda zvipenyu; zvinozvifambira zvazvo: that’s how far I can go. Mbuya vangu vazvara bambo ndiMaSibanda wekwa Zvinavashe.


    Oswell Dhlembeu

  142. just to add there is a place called Zhulube in Matabeleland South and this may give us a clue of where it all begun.


    Oswell Dhlembeu

  143. Tambudzai Zuruvi yekuMhondoro is just like every other Rozvi totem but the name Zuruvi appears as he was the leader of that particular group. The folk lore has it that Zuruvi had a daughter named Ndimirwa who later caught the eye of the Shava Vhuramavi Chief who wanted her for a wife. As you know in ancient times Rozvi girls, vana MaMoyo, were not married by having pfuma paid. They used to say the child of a Rozvi is Rozvi and it didn’t matter whether it was a boy or girl. The children of our sisters would therefore be Moyo Muzukuru as in Mangwende, or Muzukuru wa Mambo but in the case of the Shava Vhuramavi Ndimirwa made them change their totem to include a Chidawo of her own father Zuruvi so they became Shava Vhuramavi, Zuruvi.Coming to your question about the Mhondoro Rozvi of Moyo Zuruvi they adopted that name because they were fleeing from the succession dispute in SiLozvi present day Matabeleland South. It is believed the Zuruvi family is directly descended from the last King of the Rozvi/Kalanga Netjasike and are therefore known among the present day Rozvi chiefs as “Mapembwe which means the hunted ones”. Their identities had to be protected in preparation of the resurgence of the Rozvi kingdom. However they are also called Mathithima because they are in the same house of Mutinhima/Dhlembeu as those of Bhasvi’s line and Madamombe. They praise line goes as: Moyo, Dewa, Zuruvi, Mapembwe, vakadzi vachiza vomene, VaRozvi vakapera nhenda MuDzimbahwe, Matitima and then follows the same lines as the praise lines of Bhasvi. The women are known as “Chiwanzamukaka” but as you know all Rozvi women are known as MaMoyo, batjinabumi. This is as far as I know I don’t know if that answers your question.


    Oswell Dhlembeu

  144. Ko kuzoti Va Garwe, zvozonzizve Bonga, zvozonzizve Shumba, Mhumi Zvakambomira sei tibatsireiwo!


    tafadzwa chikuni

  145. ini ndinoda woo kuvhunza kuti “musiyamwa mhofu yemukono murimirwa” inotembwa ichienda sei kumberi uye zvosiyana heer kana uchidetemba murume nekana uchitetemba mukadzi. Zvakare mutupo “nzou samanyanga” inotembwa woo sei



  146. Nyati vaera shonga Vanotukwa nedengu remupunga, rezviyo rakasendekwa, vasingatukwi, vakukwavo that is the bit that I know will keep on trying for you



  147. Zuruvi vemabwe machena varinharira varizvipingu .maita moyo nyamweda gono



  148. dnt publish my email pleasendiudzeiwo kuti zuruvi inodetembwa sei, ye kumhondoro



  149. ndiudzewo mutupo wenyati kuti unodetembwa sei



  150. Ndiri kutsvagawo kuti Moyo Dhewa ino detembwa sei?



  151. Ndinokumbirawo kuti mundizivisewo detembo re Beta (Churu)


    Leonard Beans

  152. Pane angazivawo kuti Shiri/Hungwe inodetemberwa sei here? Ndinotenda.



  153. Ndinongozivawo padiki panoti maita Chasura, chasurira mudenga zvinonzwikwa nevariShabhani(Zvishavane)



  154. Ndinongozivawo padiki panoti maita Chasura, chasurira mudenga zvinonzwikwa nevariShabani(Zvishavane)



  155. Ndinotsvagawo madetemberwo eMbizi mazvimbakupa vanhu weee



  156. Vaira gumbo vana maduyirapazhe ava ndiGutu naNdanga vokuChitova. Vana Chitsa, Zishiri, Chin’ombe, Makonese. Gumbo was the son of the first Mutapa who was sent to rule over nyika yokwaGutu/Ndanga.



  157. Ndirikutsvagawo nhetembo ya Soko Murehwa kutenda mwanasikana akabarwa kudzinza iri. Uye kana pane angandipawo dzidziso pamusoro paSoko Murehwa, ndinoda kudzidzisawo mwanasikana wangu.



  158. ndtsvagawo kudetembwa kunoitwa mhofu yomukono.ndibatsireiwo



  159. Tiri vamwe mhazi pane chamakawana here mutupo wedu Shumba



  160. ko shumba mhazi veduwe ndapota hangu



  161. Ndipeiwo mutupo wagonyohori chirandu mushaiwa chirashwa uzere



  162. Veduwe dondi betseraiwo nedetembo reDziva/hove rekutenda mwanasikana werudzi ugwu- masiziba:ndinorangarira mbuya vangu vachiti maita masiziba maita matandire……muganhu nedzviti….



  163. ndokumbira kuziva kudetemba nyati



  164. Ndiro rudzi rwangi tisu ana Madziwa vacho. Vari tsoka vari mahwe machena vachipunda.
    email me: lawryma@gmail.com



  165. machihwa ari pakasiyana siyana.pane vaera garwe mhumhi, kwozoita nyaupembe nemamwewo asi ndinoda kuziwawo nezve chihwa rinodetembwa richinzi maita bonga chihwa vadyi vehove mishi vari tsoka vari murwizi muna rusape….. Rudzi urwu runonzi rwunobva kwaRusape rwunowa irwo rwaitonga nzvimbo iyi Makoni asati aba ushe.


    mawango tanyaradzwa

  166. vakomana ndibatsirewo, ndirikunyora shona muvhuro .ndakapedzisira kuita shona 4 years ago. ndaikumbirisawo kuti mundipe ma stylistic devices echishona anoshandiswa ku analysa nhetembo.eg pfekedzamunnhu. ndibatsireiwo handizi muzimbabwe izvozvi.



  167. Thak you ndaiwana from Sinyoro Maita Sinyoro zvirambe zvakadaro Cryson



  168. Ndoda wo nhetembo ye Gumbo Madyirapanze Chitova



  169. HungweJust random the way i know it not according to every line in the bookMaita hungwe, maokomavi, chivara, matapatira,ziendanomudenga, pasi rakatya ndove, etc



  170. Dziva Sambiri Ganda Maita Dziva, Sambiri VeGanda gobvu, Vari KwaSave.Maita Mvuu, Chirombo chinobvundura mvura, Mutsikapanotinhira, Vematama.Maita mhukahuru Chifurasora, Vakasarudza kutonhorerwa, Vakazivazve kuti mhepo yakanaka.Ndinotenda veMbire, Vabvi vekumabudazuva, Vehuchenjeri, Mukaregwandiani?


    James Dudzai Nyamugafata

  171. Ndibatsireiwo nedetembo raanaChikonamombe. What is the difference naanaMaromo and Dzete?



  172. ndiri kutsvagawo detembo reMoyo Chirandu



  173. ko munhu anoera nyati anodetemberwa achinzi chii? mungandibatsire zvikuru ne mhinduro



  174. pane akabvunza kuti vehungwe vanodetembewa siyi.handichazivi zvose hangu asi paindinakidza mubhuku renhetembo dzemadzinza ndepaiti ..chasura nebanga kunyo kunovava


    james kamchacha

  175. am a MadHlovu, nzou mambano achimambo, ndibatsireiwo kuti inoreveererwa sei. Ndatenda hangu ini mhuka huru, inotsika panotinhira mheni



  176. can anyone plz help with totem ye chikonan’ombe



  177. ndibatsireiwo nedetembo re tembo mazvimbakupa



  178. Ko chidawo cheShava Mufakose ne Shava Museyenwa zvino siyana papi? Ndingafare zvikuru ndikawana nhetembo/chidawo cheShava Mufakose



  179. BONGA CHIHWAMaita Sigauke Bonga Chihwa Mwaita Mutambara Mwaita WaGarwe Matikaha ngekuone tsimba Kuona mumhu tinodedera Mwaita Bumhi Muera Imbwa Wanodya ichifamba Chadonha pasi hawadyi Dehwe rehosi tusa vanthu Karimera mutete Zvaitwa Ngonyamu



  180. Ndibatsireiwo, ndinoda kutenda Chihwa vekwangu.Shava ononzi:Maita Shava, Mhofu yomukono, ziwewera, Zienda netyaka, mutunhu unamago, to be continued, got to dash back yo wotk



  181. Dai pakaita angakwanise kuisa nhetembo dzeChiShona neChiNdevere paindaneti dzigoonekwa nevakawanda. VaAaron Hodza vakanyora bhuku rinonzi ‘Shona Praise Poetry’ rine nhetembeo dzakawanda chaizvo dzemadzinza akasiyana siyana. VaHaasbrook vakava mupepeti webhuku rine nhetembo dzemadzinza. Vamwe vananyanduri vanonyora dzavo dzinotevedza muitiro wakare asi vachipanhidza nekaziso kezvamazuva ano. Dai pakaita anganamira paindaneti dzikaonekwa nevakawanda. Inga vanhu vari kukumbira nhetembo idzi wani.KuZimbabwe pane achatenga bhuku here mazuva ano nenzara iri. Zvikasanzarwo achazonyora muChiVanhu chedu ndiyani ? Anotonyorera kusaverengwa. Vanyori itoponai neindaneti ! Izvozvi hapana indaneti inezvinyora zveChiVanhu !


    Farai Madzimbamuto

  182. == Madyirapazhe Gumbo ==Mazvita Gumbo Maita zvenyu Madyirapazhe Shava huru yaka pamba Gona Gara ramasango Chipauro chamafutaGodza muto mhuru inobva Gona Vezheve tsuku VeRufura Mushukuru we Gona Vane chitanga chisisazari ngombe Chinotozara musi wezvitaMaita vari Masakadya Maita vari Njaidza Vari mhiri kwaNyazvidzi Vari Hwiri Vari Raubwi Vari Muharu huru Vari chikomo chaMabwazhe, Chisema, SambiriChikara chapazhe Chifambanamana Chifuramakuru Mazondo tinodyaMaita vari Svikire Maita vari Maturi Vari Chivende Vari HubvumweChipatsamakuru Godzamuto Shava yangu iyi Chitanga ChikanyamatopeMaita vari mupfukudza kunodyiwa boora nemuchirimo Vari Chikakatanwa Vari Boromoka Vari MandiraGanyamatope, hekani Madyirapazhe Kuti vane zhara vaponewo Hekani Musipa mareranherera Matsikapasi kuzorora kuvata Hekani Gutu Hekani weGona Ndisengei, senganhundwa Sengamusoro pane romo neziso Hekani Mhandamakanga Matakuradumbu Matangakumwa muviri une nyota Matsikapachena nepane rima Vatambi vomuganyiroBumazvirema, hekanhi Masengedzwa Teveratsimba mustvairo wezhira Hekani Murendo Mushayachirashwa Mafuta tinozora Runyanga igonangombe Gumbo mubhadha Dovo tinowadza Nyama tinodya, mukak tinomwa Muswe inhawo, ndove inodzura mumba Zvaitwa Chitova, mushukuru we Gonangombe Aiwa zvaitwa Gumbo, Chinemukukutu maKorekoreMabviro akabva kuna Mbuya Pese na Sekuru Matsvimbo Munyikwa vachiwudza muzukuru wavo Tichafa Munyikwa



  183. munga ndiudzawo kuti dziva vanotendwa sei



  184. mungandiudzawo kuti shava mhofu yemukono inotendwa sei



  185. Basa ramuri kuita iguru.Rambai makadaro,Mwari vakuropafadzei.Ndiri kutsvakawo nhetembo yevaHera, vaera Shava,Mhofu yeMukono.Hameno kuti mungandibatsirewo here ipapo


    Burden Mavunga

  186. Ndinotenda mabasa enyu amurikuita neZveDzinza redu rekuZimbabwe. Mutupo wangu = SHIRI (HUNGWE) Chidhawo changu = (CHASURA)Mungandibatsireiwo here ne NHETEMBO yacho?


    Shiri Hungwe

  187. Your blog is interesting! Keep up the good work!



  188. Mungandibatsirewo here nemutupo unonzi shava musimuvi kuti wakamira sei?



  189. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!



  190. vana nyakudirwa vanodetemberwa sei



  191. Pamusoroi, pangu ndepekuda kunzwisisa kuti mutupo wemhofu unodetembwa sei



  192. Ndinodawo kuziva kuti mutupo wechihwa (bonga) unodetembwa seyi. Ndapota zvangu hama dzangu. Ndatenda


    D Chihwa

  193. i was wondering if you can get a book remutupo and where can i buy it.



  194. hi violet, i am also a huma makombe, hope you are well let me know if you find anything…



  195. Ndinodavo kuZiva mutupo weVaeraGumbo vanaChitova kanamunawo uye kana zvichibvira kanhoroondo kapfupipfupi kekwavakabva



  196. I want to the kudetembwa kunoitirwa vana humba makombe ne vana nzou (nhari)Please reply, but don’t publish my email address



  197. what are the 25 totems?


    Olivia P Nyakupfuka

  198. please i want to know kuti maGushungo vanodetemberwa sei? Uye vanoereyi?



  199. please i want to know more about the origins of shumba sigauke and kudetemba kwacho


    paidamoyo mandigo

  200. ko moyo,chirandu inodetembwa ichinzi chii? uyezve mavapapi nesite yechivanhu chedu yamakativimbisa? tangomirira negumbo rimwe.



  201. ndinodakadzwa kuona mwana wevhu akaita sewe achiposita zvakadai padandemutande reruziwo…inga!! haiwa tinotenda zvikuru mupfuurire mberi nebasa iri…


    sheila chikulo

  202. saka mati tsoko murehwa ne vhudzijena ne mukunya nhetembo ndoimwe wozongo substitutor ne chako chidao



  203. ini ndino tsvagawo shava nyakudirwa kana pane anoigona anditumirewo



  204. ko mutupo wava garwe mhumhi, chihwa uno taurwa sei?



  205. Ndinoda kutenda vamwene vangu vanoeya Moyo – zvino handizivi kuti inodetembwa ichinzi chinyi… uye ndakamirirawo kuona madetemberwo ehungwe…



  206. Ko Hungwe inodetebmwa ichihwiyi huyezve vanaHungwe vakavaka here Dzimba dzemabwe?ndavonga hangu.Gina


    Gina Hungwe

  207. Ndirikutsvagawo nhetembo yeveMbuya Chikonamombe…pane angaizivawo here?



  208. Soko – Vhudzijena Ewoi Soko, Vhudzijena, Mukanya Hekanhi Mbereka Makwiramiti, mahomu-homu Vanopona nekuba Vanamushamba negore Makumbo mana muswe weshanu Hekani Soko yangu yiyi Vakaera mutupo umwe nashe Vana VaPfumojena Vakabva Guruuswa Soko Mbire yaSvosve Vanobva Hwedza Vapfuri vemhangura VekuMatonjeni vanaisi vemvura Zvaitwa matarira vari mumabwe Mhanimani tonodya, svosve tichobovera Maita zvenyu rudzi rukurue Matangakugara Vakawana ushe neuchenjeri Vakufamba hujeukidza kwandabva Pagerwe rinongova jemedzanwa Kugara hukwenya-kwenya Vari mawere maramba kurimba Vamazvikongonyadza kufamba hukanyaira Zvibwezvitedza, zvinotedzera vari kure Asi vari padyo vachitamba nazvo Zvaitwa mukanya rudzi rusina chiramwa Maita vari Makoromokwa, Mugarandaguta Aiwa zvaonekwa Vhudzijena


    soko, north america

  209. Ko ndanga ndichida kuziva musiyano we mutupo wemhofu yemukono, mufakose, museyamwa. uye nekuti inodetembwa sei.



  210. mubvunzo wokutanga!Soko vhudzijena yakafanana here nesoko murehwa.kanazvakasiyana ndiziviseiwo nhetembo yacho ndigoshamisa (surprise)tezvara vangu.chechipiri, ndinokumbira kuziva kuti chidawo chaanaSamaita Dube Mutasa chinoenderera chchitii?



  211. mungandiudzewo here kuti nhetembo yaana Soko Bvudzijena makwiramiti inoenda ichiti kudii.



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